​​Purr Furred Pet Sitting Inc, professional pet sitters serving south Calgary, Chestermere & Langdon Alberta for drop in pet sitting visits & empty house insurance checks. As well as premium small dog boarding, 20 minutes east of Calgary, in Langdon.

Dog Boarding Criteria 

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for pet sitting, small dog boarding & more

A complete information package will be given along with your care agreement contract upon booking. Here are a few points that you may require to know prior to pursuing a booking.

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking for all dog boarding services 

  • Full or final payment is due on the last day of service for each booking

  • There are twice daily specific times only for boarding pick up and drop off. 

    • Pick up times are 8:30 am - 9 am and 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm. 

    • Drop off times are 9:30 am - 10 am and 5 pm - 5:30 pm.  

    • No pick up or drop off on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day or evening of Halloween.

  • For optimum safety and well being of your pet, dog boarding is only permitted if all of the following criteria are met unless booked as a special needs boarder (see below);

    • Dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs or people, including toy or food protectiveness

    • Dogs must have been in good health, with no communicable illnesses within 30 days prior to boarding

    • Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations or titres, with documentation of such, unless booked as special needs 

    • All dogs must be spayed or neutered, unless discussed and booked as special needs

    • All dogs must be fully house (potty) trained, unless discussed and booked as special needs 

    • All dogs must be fully crate trained as they will be sleeping in their crates at night as well as crated if left home alone 

    • Dogs must feel comfortable and safe being alone for up to 4 hours

    • All dogs must come to Purr Furred Pet Sitting for a meet and greet prior to the first booking to ensure that it is a good fit for your family and ours

  • Special Needs

    • Please discuss all special needs and/or behavioural challenges in your initial contact with Purr Furred Pet Sitting to ensure your boarding needs can be met.  Some needs will require a surcharge for extra care and/or the requirement of having to be the only boarder. 

  • ​Drop In Pet Sitting Visits

    • Calgary & Chestermere half hour, $25.00

    • Calgary & Chestermere 1 hour, $40.00

    • Langdon half hour, $20.00

    • Langdon one hour, $35.00

    • - contact for an exact quote, customized rates to individual requirements, area of service and visit time preferences such as, but not limited to;  
      • cat sitting, rabbit sitting, guinea pig sitting, bird sitting, aquarium sitting etc.,  south Calgary,  as well as Chestermere and Langdon, Alberta 
        • feeding, cleaning up after pet, medication/insulin administration, brushing, playing, cuddling, update and photos sent to you at each visit, mail pick up, indoor/deck/patio plant watering, bins to/from curb 

  • Empty Home Checks, starting at $15.00 - customized rates, contact for exact quote

    • meet your insurance companies small print, most homes are not covered by insurance if left empty for specific periods of time in the event of water leaks, fire, vandalism, theft & more
    • such as, but not limited to; check perimeter, check furnace & other appliances for proper operation, mail pick up, indoor/deck/patio plant watering, bins to curb, report sent to home owner at each visit

  • Potty Pop In for Dogs $10.00/10 minutes (offered in Langdon only), No Dog Walking

    • ​Monday through Friday, early to late afternoon, quick let out visits, or let out with play time, dinner etc., in the event that you are working late in the city or have an event right after work and plan to be out late. 

  • Small - Medium (under 30 lbs) Dog Boarding,  $45.00/dog, ***maximum of 3 guests at a time***

    • 'A Part of the Family' Experience! All guests sleep adjacent to our room in the 'zen loft' with, dim lighting & soft soothing canine music where they can be tended to immediately if required
    • Peaceful adult only home with a securely fenced & locked large yard. Just 20 minutes east of Calgary in the lovely small town of Langdon
    • Updates and photos forwarded to you daily
    • Only positive reinforcement, reward based and re-directional correction used, based on your direction
    • Guests share our home with the same freedoms, love and security they would receive in their own homes, with unlimited cuddles, playtime and canine enrichment games
    • Protocol for sanitization of all dishes, bedding, toys, waste etc is followed and raw feeding is accommodated
    • No extra charges for stat holidays 
    • Special needs and behavioural challenges may be accommodated in certain pre-approved circumstances, subject to additional cost, please ask for specifics based on your requirements
    • Guest Shuttle Service for Boarders **Subject to Availability**, customized to individual requirements starting at $15.00 per trip, please contact for your exact quote 

  • Combination Packages - contact for an exact quote, customized rates to individual requirements and visit time preferences such as, but not limited to;  

    • discounted rates for combinations of dog boarding, empty home checks or daily pet visits for pets left at home 

​Services & Fees