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for pet sitting, small dog boarding & more

​​Purr Furred Pet Sitting Inc, professional pet sitters serving south Calgary, Chestermere & Langdon Alberta for drop in pet sitting visits & empty house insurance checks. As well as premium small dog boarding, 20 minutes east of Calgary, in Langdon.


  • Provide your veterinarian office with sitters information, your wishes and approval for treatment.

  • Provide at least two extra days of food and supplies in the event of travel delays.

  • Label all food/treats and medications if they are not in their original packaging.

  • Do not make any new food/treat changes within 2 weeks prior to using a sitter unless veterinarian recommended.

Drop-In Visits

  • Always make sure you have a visual on your pet(s) as you are leaving your house. This ensures that no one  has snuck into a closet or got closed into a bedroom in the hustle and bustle of packing and departing.

  • Do not give new toys prior to departure if your pet(s) are prone to swallowing toy parts.

  • Keep a safe pet carrier out in the event of an emergency so that the sitter can safely and quickly transport your pet to a veterinarian.

  • Leave more than one source of water in case it gets spilled.

  • Ensure the security alarm is functioning properly with the sitters pass code.

  • Provide the cleaners, rags and instructions that you would like used in the event of messes made by pets such as vomiting, as well as a broom/dustpan or vacuum for litter area clean up if applicable.

Dog Boarding

  • Do not send toys with your pet, safe toys will be provided and used under supervision.

  • If your dog is prone to upset stomach due to nervousness or change, please consider starting a probiotic a few days before boarding and send enough to be given throughout boarding.

  • Provide favorite bedding along with crate.

  • Use veterinarian recommended parasite and tick control on a regular schedule (please do NOT apply topical treatments within 3 days of arrival to Purr Furred Pet Sitting).

  • Ensure that your dog(s) have up to date tags on their collar/harness.

  • Provide all necessary outdoor wear for walks (NOTE: dogs are not walked in inclement weather).